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Denmark/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.2 Key organisations and portals

Cultural policy making bodies

The Ministry of Culture (links to all the institutions, agencies, committees and other sub-headings)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Interior and Health

The Ministry of Refugees, Immigration and Integration Affairs

Danish Agency for Culture

The international cultural cooperation of the Municipalities

Contacts for the Municipalities

Contacts for the Regions

About the Local Government Reform

EU Cultural Co-operation

The Nordic Cultural Co-operation


Professional associations

The Danish Artists Council (with links to all the artists' organisations etc)

The Danish Council for Copyright (with links to the collecting societies)

Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University Libraries

Grant-giving bodies

The Danish Arts Foundation

The Danish Arts Council

Cultural research and statistics

Statistics Denmark (Danmarks Statistik)

Culture / arts portals

For general information of cultural institutions, activities etc.

Danish Arts

Art Guide

Chapter published: 16-07-2018

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