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Denmark/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.1 Key documents on cultural policy

Duelund, Peter: The Nordic Cultural Model. Copenhagen: Nordic Cultural Institute, 2003, 601 pp. The book is a summary of the most comprehensive study of public cultural policy in Denmark and the other Nordic countries since WWII. The research project was started in 1998 and was completed during the autumn of 2002. In all, 60 researchers from within the Nordic Region, as well as outside it, were involved in the project. The project has, among other things, shed light on the cultural political goals of the Nordic countries, their financing and administration methods, the cultural habits of the population and the role of Nordic cultural politics in an international context. Light has also been shed on the conditions for culture in the autonomous areas - The Faroe Islands, Greenland and The Aland Islands - as well as on Sami cultural politics. More information on the project is available at (or to order the book):

Duelund, Peter: Kulturens politik (Politics of Culture in Denmark) in 18 volumes, commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Culture (1993-1996). The final volume of the report - Den danske kulturmodel (the Danish Cultural Model) (Duelund 1995) - summarises the results across the various branches of culture, and submits a catalogue of ideas / proposals on the renewal and further development of cultural policy.

Denmark in the Culture and Experience Economy. The culture and experience economy is a growing field in Denmark. The booklet explores the future of stronger ties between the arts and corporate sector in Denmark and presents the government initiatives on five new target areas. The publication can be downloaded at:

Canon of Danish Art and Culture. The intensive work that lasted well over a year came to an end in 2006. A group of Denmark's most important artists and most knowledgeable art experts extensively examined hundreds of works of Danish art. The final results have been published: A Canon of Danish Art and Culture. Read more at:

Duelund, Peter 2011. CWE Think Piece 2011.The Impact of the New Nationalism and Identity Politics on Cultural Policy-making in Europe and Beyond (

Søndag aften. Newsletter in Danish (

Kuviba. Vidensbank for  kunst, kultur og kunstnernes vilkår i Danmark, published by the Dansish Artist Council (

Royal School of Library and Information Science (Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi (IVA)), see also

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