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Denmark/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.4 Support to professional artists associations or unions

Public support for the activities of artists associations or unions is not regulated by law in Denmark. According to the basic elements in the Nordic Cultural Model (see chapter 9.1) it is up to the artists themselves to organise and finance their associations or unions through tax-free subscriptions. As collective bodies for the artists, the unions can apply for support for special projects etc. through the Ministry of Culture. The individual members can also, as non-organised artists, apply for grants from the different councils, committees and other public bodies established to support the individual artists, i.e. the Danish Arts Foundation (see chapter 3.2).

According to Danish and Nordic tradition, copyright laws must primarily protect the rights of the creator (see chapter 9.1 The Nordic Cultural Model).

The Danish (and Nordic) copyright legislation provides a legal framework for organisations made up of copyright holders entering into collective agreements with users and producers regarding compensation for individual works and performances, the size of royalties, etc. Rights holders under the Copyright Act have thus established collecting societies, which administer the copyright on behalf of the holder. Collective agreement license is a special Danish / Nordic construction, which involves users entering into an agreement with a representative organisation, granting users the right to use all of the copyright holders' works of the type in question, including works that do not fall under the auspices of the organisation. In other words, agreement licenses are based on voluntary agreements entered into between the parties, but also involve an element similar to compulsory licenses in relation to outside copyright holders (see also chapter 5.1.7).

Chapter published: 11-04-2012

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