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Denmark/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.1 Short overview

The ambitions in recent years to finance a bigger part of cultural activities by private means e.g. tax reductions (see chapter 5.1.5) raised interesting questions concerning changes in the public financing of culture: Has the public budget been reduced or increased? An estimation from the Ministry of Culture is that there was an increase of about 300 000 DKK in 2006, compared to 2001. Research conducted by the artists' organisation DJBFA (Danish Jazz, Beat and Folk music Authors) concluded that there was a reduction of approximately 400 000 DKK. It is impossible to draw the right conclusion without an independent investigation. This is partially due to the different definitions of the culture concept.

The share of the state budget allocated for culture in 2011 was approx. 1% - amounting to DKK 10 399.6 million (not including interest, taxes and duties; see further Table 3). The household spending on cultural activities and goods (including tickets for the cinema, theatre, concerts, museums and zoos, books, newspapers and periodicals, movie rentals, CD's, videotapes and camera films) was, in the period 2003-2005, on average DKK 4 885 per household per year. At that time this corresponded to 2.0% of the total household budget.

Chapter published: 10-04-2012

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