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Czech Republic/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.4 Support to professional artists associations or unions

Professional arts organisations are founded in the form of civic associations that are able to execute their own activities in the Czech Republic (CR). Some of them are supported by grants from the Ministry of Culture. The majority (except for writers' associations) are financed only on a project basis. The Czech Writers' Guild and some other associations in the field of literature are rarely financed on an annual basis. There is no special endowment instrument for their support in general and their survival is dependent on the contributions of their members.

Professional artists' organisations are associated in the Council of Professional Artists' Associations ( which is a member of the European Council of Artists. The Council of Professional Artists' Associations includes the main art organisations such as the Czech Literary Translators' Guild, the Czech Writers' Guild, the Society of Czech Architects, the Union of Authors and Performers, the Association of Music Artists and Musicologists, the Association for Radio Production, the Union of Visual Artists of the CR, the Actors' Association, the Czech Film and Television Union, the Association of Photographers and the  ITI – Czech Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

In recent years there have been several examples of the situation where newly founded civic initiatives become the spokespeople for often passive artistic and professional organisations, for instance For a Cultural CR and in 2013 Save Culture ( These initiatives then act in a representative capacity for the entire arts community in negotiations with the state or on the local level.

Chapter published: 28-01-2016

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