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Czech Republic/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

The transformation of cultural funds to foundations occurred in 1993 and 1994; it was based on the Act on the Transformation of Cultural Funds, whereby they were denationalised. These included the Czech Literary Fund Foundation, the Czech Music Fund Foundation and the Czech Art Fund Foundation. Foundations obtain their money from estate yields (immovables), from donations and from sponsor subsidies. The Czech Literary Fund Foundation ( is currently one of few alternatives for supporting new valuable works of original literature and translation, theatre, film, journalism, science, radio, television and entertainment. The foundation allocates grants for publishing or the creation of non-commercial literature, theatre, science and film artworks and periodicals. It grants scholarships for production of new art and science projects and it gives annual awards.

The Czech Literary Fund Foundation supports the development and promotion of Czech music culture and it offers grant programmes. The foundation has also established a public benefit organisation, the Music Information Centre and the Czech Music Fund.

The Czech Art Fund Foundation underwent a more unrestrained process of denationalisation. In 1997, it established the autonomous Czech Architecture Foundation and in 2008 it changed its name to the Czech Visual Art Foundation ( It supports visual arts projects through grants and it organises and co-organises exhibitions. It also grants scholarships to the best students of sculpture. The Czech Architecture Foundation supports projects focusing on exhibition and publishing activities in the field of architecture and it facilitates foreign architecture exhibitions in the Czech Republic (CR). The foundation does not organise its own projects and it does not contribute to the operation of architects' professional activities or architecture schools (

The Ministry of Culture founded two new funds – the Czech Republic's State Fund for the Support and Development of Cinematography (now the State Cinematography Fund) and the State Cultural Fund (see chapter 5.3.8, chapter 3.2 and chapter 4.3 for detailed information about the mission of these funds).

The payments paid by the state from a library licence (exception) are not collected in any special fund but are divided among collective administrators who collect the payments in conformity with the Copyright Act. It also applies to so-called levies.

Chapter published: 16-07-2018

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