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Czech Republic/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.8 Other areas of culture specific legislation

Mechanisms focused on the support to culture from extra-budgetary sources are covered by Act No. 239/1992 Coll. on the State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic (CR) and Act No. 496/2012 Coll., on Audio-Visual Works and Support for Cinematographyand on the Amendment of Certain Legislation (Audio-Visual Acts), which stipulates the terms of operation of the State Cinematography Fund.

The Act on the State Cultural Fund defines the financial sources of the Fund, i.e. incomes from renting real estates and from fees according to the Copyright Act so called "bona vacantia" and bank account interests. In 2011 an amendment to the Act on Czech Television made it possible to secure another source of financing for the Fund from revenue from advertising broadcast on Czech Television Programme 2.In 2015 an amended act is to be prepared that will give the Fund greater autonomy.

The Act on Audio-VisualWorks also defines the sources of funding for the State Cinematography Fund.There was also a change from the previous act in the terms of payment for the organisers of cinematographic presentations, where in the place of the existing practice where organisers of a public presentation pay a fee of 1 CZK to the Fund, collected via admission tickets, under the new act the organiser of a cinematographic presentation will pay a fee of 1% of the basic admission price to a cinematographic presentation.

Act No. 203/2006 Coll. on Some Forms of Support for Culture and on Changes to Some Related Acts as Amended in Act No. 227/2009 Coll. lays out a definition of public cultural services and also enables the formation, division, and dissolution of state semi-budgetary organisations of the Ministry of Culture. This Act also establishes the procedure involved when the state acts as guarantor for exhibition loans and it defines grants for creative and study purposes provided by the state. The legislative agenda of the Ministry of Culture includes preparing an amendment to this act that will include the separate act on culture that was originally envisioned.

Chapter published: 28-01-2016

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