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Czech Republic/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.7 Mass media

Act No. 231/2001 Coll. regulates radio and television broadcasting and regulates the rights and obligations of business entities and individuals in the operation of radio and television broadcasting. The European Convention on "transfrontier television" is implemented in the Act.

Act No. 483/1991 Coll. regulates Czech Television; Act No. 484/1991 Coll. regulates Czech Radio and Act No. 517/1992 Coll. regulates the Czech Press Office.

Act No. 348/2005 Coll. covers radio and television fees and amendment of certain regulations.

Act No. 132/2010 Coll., on Audio-visual Media Services on Demand, which is the transposition of the Directives on Audio-visual Media Services of the European Parliament (formerly Television without Borders).

Act No. 206/2005 Coll., on the Protection of Certain Radio and Television Broadcasting Services and Services of the Information Society. (Word document)

Act no. 46/2000 Coll. regulates the rights and responsibilities for publishing periodical press and amendments to certain other regulations (Press Act). In 2012 the Act was amended.

Chapter published: 16-07-2018

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