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Czech Republic/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

The Czech Republic (CR) is administratively divided into central (state), regional (regions) and local (municipalities) levels. The central level, the Ministry of Culture (MC), is responsible for preparation of the majority of legislative norms in the field of culture. Overall competence in this area is allocated according to the MC by Act No. 2/1969 Coll.on Establishing Ministries and Other Central Administration Bodies of the CR, the co-called Competence Act (see also chapter 2.2).

Act No. 129/2000 Coll. on Regions states the legal position of regions and it determines that a region supports the universal development of its territory and needs of its inhabitants, which includes the field of culture. Regions are given legal competence in the allocation of their funds.

The position of municipalities is clarified in Act No. 128/2000 Coll. Legal responsibilities such as regulation of cultural enterprises or the duty of satisfying the needs of their inhabitants, such as general cultural development, are defined in this Act. Municipalities have legal competence in allocating their own funds.

The administration of the capital city of Prague is regulated by a special act: Act No. 131/2000 Coll.

The Ministry of Culture sought to include the responsibility of regions in preparing their cultural policies in the Draft Act on Some Kinds of Cultural Support in 2006. However, this section was excluded because it would challenge the autonomous competence of the regions.

Chapter published: 28-01-2016

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