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More than 45% of employees in the cultural sector work in branches where the wages are lower than the national average wage.

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Czech Republic/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.9 Employment policies for the cultural sector

In 2007 the Arts and Theatre Institute, in cooperation with EUPC s. r. o. and ProCulture/Otevřenou společností o. p. s., operating under commission from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the CR, drew up the first ever study on the "Input Analysis of Contemporary Relations in the Labour Market within the Cultural Sector and the Definition of Default Assumptions for Strategic Planning of Employment in this Sector" on behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in 2007. The cultural sector areas included in this study are: art, literary culture and libraries, cultural heritage, protection of movable cultural heritage, museums and galleries, media and cinematography, churches and religious organisations, copyright, i.e. the areas covered by the work of the Ministry of Culture (MC). Despite such a narrow definition of the field of culture, the study proves the importance of this sector to the labour market. Culture at that time employed 3.3% of workers in the Czech labour market, i.e. about 85 500 people, and the volume of production of the culture sector represented 1.6% of total production in the Czech Republic (CR) in 2005 or almost 120 billion CZK. (

The Culture Account of the CRwhich is jointly maintained by NIPOS and the Czech Statistical Office, and which published results for the first time in 2011 for the year 2009, also publishes data on employment and wages. According to the most recently published results for 2013, there were 81 000 people employed in the sector of culture and 10 000 volunteers. On top of these figures, it is possible to count several thousand more people who work in the sector on the basis of a work agreement (approx. 15 500), part time, or are self-employed (approx. 45 000). 

According to the project "Mapping Cultural and Creative Industries in the Czech Republic" (see chapter 4.2.3), there are 162 000 persons employed in the cultural sector in the Czech Republic.

The total average wage in the cultural sector in 2013 was 24431CZK per month, which is more than 7% lower than the national average. There are basic differences in the level of wages between different areas. While the average monthly wage in the field of cultural heritage is slightly above 19 000 CZK, in advertising or the press it is more than 27 000 CZK and in the field of audiovisual and interactive technology it is more than 34 000 CZK. Overall, more than 57% of employees in the cultural sector work in branches where the wages are lower than the national average wage (The results of the Culture Account of the CR for 2013, the Czech Statistical Office and the National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture, Prague, 2015,

The average wage earned in the culture sector and each branchis based on statistics in the frame of the Culture Account of the CR.

In cultural institutions, in particular those that are not budgetary or semi-budgetary organisations, other forms of remuneration for work based on copyright and mandate contracts or a licence to conduct a trade are also significant.

Chapter published: 28-01-2016

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