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Czech Republic/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.10 Gender equality and cultural policies

In April 1998, the government adopted the programme Priorities and Procedures of the Government for the Enforcement of Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, which characterises the main aims, methods and procedures in the field of gender policy for the first time. Each year in June a progress report is submitted to the government and updated measures for the given year are approved. The responsible body for this issue is the Government Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men operating under the Office of the Government of the CR. The Council has been working since 2001 and it draws up proposals for promoting and achieving equal opportunities, it discusses the conceptual guidelines for government procedure in this area, it coordinates the basic guidelines for ministerial concepts, it sets the priority areas for ministerial projects, and so on. The Council is made up of representatives of the ministries, unions, academic institutions, and NGOs. Optimising the Institutional Infrastructure of Equal Opportunities for Men and Women in the Czech Republic (2012-2015) was a project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs run within the framework of the Structural Funds of the Operational Programme of Human Resources and Employment. The aim was to formulate effective instruments and policies in support of equal opportunities.

The Czech Statistical Office published the fifteenth edition of the book "Focus on Women, Focus on Men" in December 2014; the book examines the differences between women and men in various fields of life in modern society (most data are for the year 2013). The task of the Government Decree to "Update the provision for fulfilling priorities and procedures of the government when enforcing equality for men and women" from 2007 is fulfilled by the publication of this book. The publication contains a number of international comparisons and a section with selected results from sociological research on gender issues and data from the research of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA). According to the version of this publication from 2013, of people working in the fields of culture, entertainment and recreation, 40.6% were women and 39.7% were men. In the Czech Republic the employment rate among women was 59.6% and among men 75.7% (in the EU the figures are an employment rate of 58.8% among women and 69.4% among men).

The MC does not directly deal with equal opportunities for men and women in its programmes but it supports entities that deal with gender issues, e.g. the international film festival on human rights "One World" within its selection procedure. The issue of gender and feminism is generally widely discussed in the CR and many non-governmental organisations participate in activities, e.g. the Association for Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, which organises various seminars and represents 30 women's and family organisations. The platform for gender issues is a website ( that also includes the database of the Gender Studies Library, a public benefit organisation, with academic and diploma theses about this topic. Another important website is (ProEquality Centre), which aims to initiate new tools to support equal opportunities for men and women, not only in the labour market, but also to provide services for public administration in the field of gender expertise and actively participate in public debates about essential topics concerning equal opportunities for men and women.

Gender Studies is one of the master's programmes offered at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University, which also teaches some undergraduate level courses in this subject area.

Chapter published: 01-11-2017

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