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The government plans new acts on culture, heritage and pulic culture institutions.

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Czech Republic/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

The State Cultural Policy for 2015–2020 has 5 priority objectives:

  • Supporting identity, cultural diversity, and intercultural dialogue.
  • Developing creativity through support for cultural activities and the creation of cultural goods, the provision of cultural services, work with the public, support for access to culture, and advancing a participative culture to facilitate social integration.
  • Preserving cultural heritage as an environment conducive to the development of creativity.
  • The use of cultural heritage and cultural activities, services, and goods for the development of the economy and increasing competitiveness and supports mobility.
  • Creating a more effective environment for the support of cultural activities, the provision of public cultural services, the development of cultural goods and the conservation of cultural heritage.

The cultural policy is based on the objectives of the official Programme of the Government of the Czech Republic dated 12 February 2014, namely:

  • The Government aims to move towards a level of expenditure of one percent of the public budget on culture as a public service, to directly link revenue from tourism to expenditure on the conservation and maintenance of the heritage stock, and make thorough use of EU funds and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the restoration of monuments.
  • The Government intends to adopt an act on culture and an act on public institutions in culture in order to eliminate that difficulties faced bysemi-budgetary organisations, depoliticise them, and ensure stable funding for them, and the Government shall also adopt a new heritage act and amended versions of the copyright act and media legislation.
  • The Government will introduce a new model for promoting the Czech Republic abroad based, among other things, on the export of Czech arts and culture.
  • The Government will improve the ease of access to public cultural institutions, e.g. by introducing free admission days and family discounts, and will advance a more effective model to foster children's creativity through artistic activities and cultural experiences.
  • The Government will provide support for amateur artistic activities, regional culture, and public cultural services provided by non-profit organisations.

Chapter published: 28-01-2016

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