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Cyprus/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.8 Other areas of relevant legislation

In May 2009, the House of Representatives voted into a Law (L.58 (I)/2009) the government bill under the title "Recognition of Private Museums and Museums of Local Government Authorities (Procedure and Requirements) Law", which had been drafted by the Cultural Services of the Education and Culture Ministry. The orientation and aims related to the enactment of this Law are of a regulatory nature. The law specifies the requirements that need to be satisfied in order for the museums falling in the above categories to obtain state recognition. The ultimate aim of the Law is the improvement of the condition and operation standards of private museums and those of local authorities, as well as the upgrading of the services they provide and the work they perform. The Law also provides for incentives to the Museums to pursue their recognition, since recognised museums would be able to receive a state grant under terms and conditions specified in a special scheme. The Museums Committee is defined as the competent body for the examination of applications submitted for recognition. Following its appointment, the Committee proceeded, amongst other things, to prepare the "Scheme for the Granting of a State Allowance to Recognised Museums", which would constitute the financing tool through which the state allowance would be given to the recognised museums.

Chapter published: 05-10-2015

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