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Cyprus/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

  • The Listed Buildings Law (N.240(I)/2002) Law 68 (1)/1992
  • The Town and Country Planning Law (L. 90/1972)

Urban planning and environment legislation

In terms of urban planning there is The Town and Country Planning Law (1972). The Law was fully implemented in 1990 and it has since become the major tool for promoting an integrative and sustainable approach towards spatial development. Under the terms of this Law, there are special provisions, (Articles 38, 39) which relate to the island's cultural heritage.

Under the Inspection of the Erection and Installation of Monuments in Open Spaces Law (L. 79(1)/2006), the Monuments Committee deals with a number of applications for the erection of monuments, with on the spot visits and provision of advice to those concerned. Moreover, it has made suggestions for the subsidisation of erecting monuments that fulfilled the necessary specifications. 

Apart from the existing legislation the Ministry of Education and Culture promotes certain measures that aim at fostering urban cultural infrastructure.  More specifically, the Plan of Cultural Infrastructure which has been implemented since 2001, the Plan of Cultural Infrastructure has been implemented since 2001, stipulates the provision of state subsidy (upon approval by the relevant Ministerial Council) for the undertaking of works of cultural infrastructure at Municipalities and communities in order to enhance access and participation.

National Struggle Museum

The new building of the National Struggle Museum was inaugurated on 30th April 2001. During 2011 it received twenty seven thousand visitors, most of whom were students and foreign tourists.

Houses of Letters and the Arts

The Cultural Services lease buildings in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos with the aims of providing premises to associations that serve the letters and the arts. The Houses are used by associations to host their meetings, conferences, visual art exhibitions, literary events, cinema projections, theatre rehearsals et al.

Chapter published: 05-10-2015

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