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Cyprus/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.3 Cultural/creative industries: policies and programmes

Despite the fact that there is not any kind of integrated policy for the development of the cultural industries sector, the Cultural Services foster, on a rather vertical approach, the domain of cultural industries through various programmes of the respective arts' sectors. 

More specifically, measures include:

Books & Literature

The "Programme for Subsidising Publishing Houses and Non-profit Organisations Engaged in Publications" was established on a pilot basis in 2009-2010, aiming at incentives for publishing companies in order to promote works of significant Cyprological content and references. The Cultural Services, within the framework of the «Enriching Cultural Journals and Newspapers» funding programme, aim at the increase of the publication of important magazines and newspapers, which highlight the cultural life of Cyprus and Cypriot artists in Cyprus and abroad, therefore, contributing to public awareness around cultural activities, artistic creations and intellectual activities in Cyprus.  The Cultural Services, within the framework of the project for subsidisation of translations of Cypriot writers' work from the Greek language to foreign languages, aims to provide incentives for the promotion and dissemination of literature in Cyprus and abroad and to enhance the mobility of Cypriot literature and Cypriot writers in the international arena.  The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, in order to assist the two communities to better get acquainted with each other through their literature, has continued in 2010, for a second consecutive year, the programme of subsidising the translation and publication of works of important Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot writers, from Greek into Turkish and from Turkish into Greek.


In the context of music policy, certain festivals are being supported on the basis of a grant application procedure by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation is a private law non-profit organization and plays a pivotal role in the development of musical life in Cyprus.  Moreover, the Foundation of the Orchestra has an active role in society through educational and community outreach programmes.

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, the State Gallery of Cypriot Contemporary Art acquires works of art in order to enrich its collection (e.g. in 2010, 54 works were acquired).  The Cultural Services are responsible for the coordination and preparation of the participation of Cyprus in international art events, where our country is officially invited to take part.


The Cultural Services support the efforts of potential incubators of new talents and significant artistic creation.


In the field of dance, the Cultural Services through its funding programmes as well as through the promotion of certain institutions (i.e. the "European Dance Festival"), support dance events.


Through the "Programme for the Development of Cyprus Cinema" the Ministry of Education and Culture finances national productions and European co-productions, low budget feature films, short films, debut films, documentaries, animation, experimental films, as well as the local distribution and circulation of Cypriot films in theatres and film festivals internationally. The Ministry is equally in charge for the circulation of the cinematographic production to Cyprus embassies abroad and other European organisations.

The implementation of the "Programme for the Development of Cyprus Cinema" has been carried out through the Cinema Advisory Committee.  The Committee comprises both government officials and representatives from the private sector i.e., producers, directors and some personalities from the cinema sector appointed directly and namely by the Council of Ministers. 

The Committee is mandated to recommend for funding to a competent Ministerial Committee the best proposals submitted by Cypriot Producers / Directors in the categories of feature-length films, short films and documentaries; as well, the committee encourages co-productions with other countries.

The committee is also responsible to study in depth the situation of cinema in Cyprus and make suggestions for the enactment of legislation governing all matters related to cinematography and in general audiovisual works in Cyprus.

The Programme has been approved by European Commission in 2009 and it is valid until 2015.


As far as festivals are concerned, the Ministry of Education and Culture provides either indirect support to cultural organisations through the existing funding programmes, or direct support in the context of co-organisation with other partners (i.e. cultural organisations, embassies) and for the organisation of certain cultural events in the context of the International Festival "KYPRIA" which has been organised by the Ministry since 1985.

Chapter published: 05-10-2015

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