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Cyprus/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.5 Cross-border intercultural dialogue and co-operation

Certain initiatives have been promoted in relation to the implementation of the above objective. More specifically, bilateral cultural agreements promote the networking between artists, and public and private institutions in the fields of arts and culture. Co-operation is also promoted through European and international organisations, such as the European Union, UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education and Culture supports art from Cyprus as well as co-productions with artists from abroad through cultural co-operation with the embassies of Cyprus abroad.  Also, artists and cultural institutions such as Choirs, as well as dance groups from Cyprus are provided with financial support (travel grants) for their participation in cultural events abroad.

In addition to the above, the operation of cultural centres abroad (i.e. The House of Cyprus in Athens) aim at promoting art and culture from Cyprus while at the same time co-productions might also be supported in the context of bolstering intercultural dialogue.

The Ministry supports the operation of such institutions as the Music Information Centre of Cyprus which aims at showcasing the diverse musical achievements of contemporary scene of Cyprus and promoting networking amongst musicians living in Cyprus with musicians from abroad.

Intercultural dialogue is promoted also through a series of cultural events that are sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture and have already been mentioned in chapter 3.4.4. Moreover, in the context of the Funding Scheme, the Ministry of Education and Culture has sponsored dance groups and individual dancers / choreographers towards their participation in Dance Festivals abroad, as well as in international meetings and conferences organised by foreign agencies, such as Aerowaves, Bob Theater Festival (Athens), the Michalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, the Kalamata International Dance Festival and the International Choreographers Competition of Germany (Hanover).

The Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI) participates in the Erasmus Programme.  Mobility of trainers and trainees through Staff Mobility and Staff Training actions have contributed to transnational intercultural dialogue in the areas of comparative educational policies, social inclusion / exclusion in education and individual plurilingualism in education.

The department of Educational Documentation in the Pedagogical Institute has also published the following issue in 2010, "Intercultural Education for the smooth integration of students of immigrant background in schools and the society of Cyprus".

The issue was co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and is part of the plans for a smooth integration of students from third countries in the European educational system.

Chapter published: 05-10-2015

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