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Erminia Sciacchitano

Erminia SCIACCHITANO is currently delegate for the follow up of cooperation with the Council of Europe at the Secretariat General of the Ministry for Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism of Italy and has just been elected as Chair of the Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape of the Council of Europe, where she has been national delegate since 2008.

Trained as an Architect and specialized in heritage conservation, since she joined the Ministry in 2000 she has been active in a broader spectrum of activities, at national and international level: artists mobility, contemporary creation, access and participation, sustainable architecture, digitization policies, creative economy and other activities connected to the implementation of European Heritage and Landscape conventions. The fil rouge in these experiences is the aim to raise awareness on an alternative model of development, where culture, heritage and landscape are common resources for the social quality of life in Europe.

In 2000-2003 she has been project manager of EU funded projects on IST research applied to cultural heritage, in 2003-2005 has been in charge of the coordination of the Regional Management Support Unit for the Euromed Heritage II programme (MEDA Programme), headquartered in the Ministry. In 2005-2008, as head of the Office for Studies and International Relations of the General directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture she focused on the promotion of contemporary creativity, artist’s mobility programmes, and sustainable architecture. In 2009-2012, as head of the Research and Development office of the General directorate for the Valorization of Cultural Heritage she worked at the development of new strategies, operational tools, guidelines and pilot projects to promote a wider access and participation to museums and heritage sites in Italy focusing on how to nurture a deeper heritage awareness trough the improvement of communication and information systems.
She also coordinated the dossier for the Italian signature of the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (Faro 2005).

She is or has been member of numerous national and European committees and working groups: Ministerial commission for the Italian white paper on creativity, working Groups on digitization policies, Granada Convention, Moscow ministerial conference, EU OMC Working groups in the framework of the European agenda for culture (artist’s mobility; access to culture; creative partnerships). She is also member of the Reflection Group on heritage and the EU and the Governing Board on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

Erminia Sciacchitano graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University in Roma, holds a PhD in Architectural surveys and a Master’s degree in European Studies and International Negotiations from the High School for Public Administration.