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Croatia/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.5 Basic out-of-school arts and cultural education

Cities and municipalities finance programmes in local community cultural centres and public educational centres which are in many smaller cities the only venues for art and culture. The network of these community cultural centres is fully decentralised and the level of their involvement in cultural life as well as their ability to organize and/or host cultural and artistic programmes varies greatly from one city to the other. The biggest network of community cultural centres exists in the City of Zagreb.

The Ministry of Culture and the cities financially support theatres for children, youth and puppet theatres, registered either as public institutions or private companies. Most of these theatres also have studios for young actors. (see chapter 8.2.1).

A number of NGOs develop cultural education programmes for children and pupils that are developed as a part of their regular programmes.

Important role in promoting participation in music life for younger population is played by the ‘Jeunesses Musicales Croatia’(HGM), a member of the ‘Jeunesses Musicales International’. Their ‘cultural card’ permits young people (age 14 to 30) to have discounts in theatres, museums, concerts etc. ‘Music in the Neighbourhoods’ is another programme HGM runs in cooperation with the City of Zagreb with the aim to acquaint primary school children with classical music.

A special two-week intensive summer programme in media culture "Dr.Ante Peterlić" has been organised by the Croatian Film Club's Association since 1999. It is oriented primarily to teachers at primary and secondary level, teachers in amateur audio-visual associations, but also to university lecturers and artists as well. The programme has been recognised by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports as a programme of professional training in media culture for teachers and professors.

Chapter published: 05-05-2017

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