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In 2013, support for education in cultural management was awarded to 20 managers through an educational programme executed by the DEVOS Institute and supported by the Ministry of Culture.

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Croatia/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.3 Grants, awards, scholarships

The"Vladimir Nazor" Prize, the most important national award established in 1991, is a monetary grant given every year for achievements of special value in all the fields of culture. It is also granted to artists for their life's work. Although it is a state prize given by the Ministry, the decisions about the winners are taken by independently chosen experts and renowned artists from the different fields represented. The Ministry of Culture also gives awards for the protection of heritage "Vicko Andrić" and the protection of nature "Ivo Horvat" and the "Ico Velikanović" award for literary translators.

The central professional art and culture associations (in the field of literature, theatre, film etc.) also give many awards. These awards evaluate artistic achievements, and can be given in recognition of the work of an individual, group or institution.

Special institutions or cultural events and festivals give prizes. There are numerous examples such as the "Orlando" Award for the best performance at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the "Golden Arena" Award at the Pula Film Festival and many others.

The President of the Republic of Croatia awards Medal of the Republic of Croatia for special achievements in cultural field "Red Danice hrvatske - Marko Marulić".

Since 2005, the Ministry of Culture has been awarding grants to individual writers and translators; in 2009 it supported 3 six months projects and 32 three months projects in the total amount of approx. 110 000 EUR. In 2011, 2012, and 2013 this support was increased - forty six projects were financed with a total amount of approx. 188 000 EUR in 2011, in 2012 fifty projects were supported with almost 200 000 EUR of funding, and a further increase is visible in 2013 when 53 projects are being funded, with over 260 000 EUR. In 2016, support went to 72 projects in the amount of 221 200 EUR. A special award for novels was introduced in 2012 and the Ministry gave financial support to the ten best novels written in 2011, while in the following year this support went to twenty authors in total and this number continued in 2014 as well.

The total number of awards and prizes is large. For example, 31 major awards are granted in the field of professional music. Nevertheless, only some of them are monetary. Some of these are public awards while some are granted by professional associations. Finally, companies such as publishing houses also give prizes in the form of financial support, usually in literature (i.e. VBZ award, T-portal award, and similar).  

The Ministry of Culture does not grant educational scholarships. The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports is responsible for granting scholarships.

In some areas, e.g. cultural management, there is no adequate university-level education in Croatia –private business school "Baltazar Krčelić", Zaprešić, and Business School Zagreb (VPŠZ) offer a graduate course with a specialisation in cultural management. Students try to acquire their training abroad; however, resources for this training are limited. To rectify the situation, the Ministry of Culture grants funds for short-term professional training in Croatia and abroad from the funds set aside for international cultural co-operation and other programmes.

The website on Croatian culture provides updated information on available major cultural awards and bursaries, and offers database on past events and other relevant information.

Chapter published: 05-05-2017

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