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Croatia/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.1 Cultural infrastructure: tendencies & strategies

Joint decision-making by the Ministry of Culture and representatives of the cultural sector was established on the national level through the establishment of several Culture Councils (Law on Culture Councils, NN 53/01, NN 48/04, NN 44/09, NN 68/13). While these were initially (in 2001) intended to be independent councils, the new Law reduced their autonomy in 2004 (see chapter 3.3). With the changes of the Law in 2013 the following Cultural Councils operate at the national level: music; drama, dance and performing arts; books, publishing and library activities; visual arts; cultural and artistic amateurism; innovative artistic and cultural practices; international cultural cooperation and financing of international projects. Specific laws provided for the establishment of councils on cultural assets, archives, museums and libraries (see  chapter 3.2).

Both public and private cultural consumption are not continuously and systematically monitored. The absence of this kind of information affects the quality of decision-making, especially decisions aimed at decreasing the existing disproportions in the level of cultural development throughout Croatia.

Chapter published: 04-05-2017

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