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Spending on film co-productions doubled between 2012 and 2013, which benefit from the Cash Rebate Programme of up to 20% of film production costs incurred in Croatia.

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Croatia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.6 Film, video and photography

The Law on Audiovisual Activities (adopted in 2007, amended in 2011) regulates the performing, organising and funding of audiovisual activities as fundamental components of contemporary culture. It establishes a public institution - Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) – which isresponsible for the production, financing, promotion and distribution of audiovisual activities. The Law also introduced a new system for financing audiovisual activities, where funds are secured from the state budget as well as from the percentage of annual gross income gained from the performing of audiovisual activities by Croatian TV, television broadcasters at the national and regional level, as well as cable service providers and operators in fixed and mobile telecommunication networks and Internet service providers (see also chapter 4.3). The 2011 amendments were specifically designed to introduce financial incentives in the form of a 20% cash rebate for production costs incurred in Croatia for feature films, documentaries, animation and TV drama. These amendments marked a first step towards realisation of strategic goals outlined in the four-year National Strategic Programme for the Audiovisual Industry (2010-2014), devised by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and approved by the Ministry of Culture in October 2010. In October 2012, the representatives of HAVC presented the results of the first two years of the implementation of the Strategic Programme, and outlined the positive changes in four of five strategic goals – positive changes in audiovisual legislation, increased number of produced films, increased number of viewers of Croatian films, and an increase in digitalisation of independent cinemas and audiovisual (heritage) content (see chapter 4.2.11). New Strategy for the period 2015-2019 is still in the making.

Following the 2011 Law, the new Book of Regulations was put into force in 2012 introducing the Film Production Incentive Programme for investment in audio-visual production in Croatia. This Cash Rebate Programme is available to international and local filmmakers in the form of a cash rebate of up to 20% of production costs incurred in Croatia. In the period 2012-2015 this resulted with 24 international co-productions from ten countries; the spending on these co-productions in Croatia in this period amounted to 326,3 million kuna for services and goods incurred in Croatia.

Croatia has signed a Memorandum on the MEDIA 2007 programme (2007-2013) which was ratified in March 2008 by the Croatian Parliament. A Media Desk has been set-up within the Croatian Audiovisual Centre), which is now Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA sub-programme (see chapter 3.4.3).

Croatia is a member of Eurimages since 2003, is a signatory of European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production (2004) and is a signatory of the European Convention for the Protection of Audiovisual Heritage (2007). Since 2009 HAVC is a member of European Film Promotion (EFP), where it actively contributes in EFP initiatives and programmes; in 2013 a number of Croatian professionals have participated in several EFP programmes. In September 2014 during the Venice Film Festival an agreement on co-productions was signed between representatives of audiovisual centers of Slovenia, Croatia, and Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The RE-ACT (Regional Audiovisual Cooperation and Training) initiative aims to structure the current cooperation between these three funds on a formal level, and to develop film education and networking between these regions.

Chapter published: 04-05-2017

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