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Croatia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.1 Constitution

The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia (adopted in 1990, amended in 2001, 2010 and 2014) guarantees the freedom of scientific, cultural and artistic creativity and prescribes that the state is obliged to stimulate and help their development (Article 69). It guarantees freedom of thought and expression, freedom of the media, freedom of speech and public activities, and prohibits censorship (Article 38). The Constitution also guarantees the right to a healthy life and environment and requires government bodies and legal entities to pay attention to the protection of human health, nature and the human environment. The sea and other natural resources and items of special cultural, historic, economic or ecological significance enjoy special protection by the state (Articles 69 and 52).

In addition, comprising a number of articles concerning culture directly, the Constitution contains some provisions with indirect relevance. Above all, this refers to norms defining the competence of various governmental bodies and the scope of local autonomy (Article 2, paragraph 2).

Chapter published: 04-05-2017

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