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Croatia/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.1 Main cultural policy issues and priorities

The most important priorities of the cultural policy, introduced at the beginning of 2000 were, among others: building up the functions, work methods and public respect for the new Culture Councils; creating mixed funds for cultural investment; renewing and readapting the cultural infrastructure; finalising a complete registry of cultural monuments; and furthering the use of information technology in culture.

Cultural policy priorities are detailed and shifted according to the proclaimed objectives and priorities of different governments. Those proclaimed by the former government (2011-2015) followed the main framework of the Strategy of Cultural Development that was adopted by the Parliament in 2002.

In the presentation of the Key Guidelines of the Programme (Orešković, 2016) of the (now technical) government elected in 2015, stress was put on development of programmes that are oriented towards protection of national cultural identity, safeguarding traditional culture, connecting culture with other sectors, highlighting the importance of local cultural production and strengthening of the cultural budget to 1%, etc (Orešković, 2016). The Minister of Culture did not present the cultural policy programme of the Ministry in the following six months, and the cultural budget remained under 0.5%.

Chapter published: 04-05-2017

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