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Quick Facts - Canada

Capital: Ottawa
Political system: Federal parliamentary democracy
Year of membership to the Council of Europe: Gained observer status on 3 April 1996
Population: 36 708 083 (2017)     
Population density: 4.04 inhabitants/km²
Official language(s): English and French
Non-nationals of total population: N/A

Funding (2006)

Culture as share of total central government spending: N/A
Government expenditure on culture: 5 461 892 155 Euro     
Government expenditure on culture per capita: 185.93 Euro     
Share of spending on culture by central government: 45.30 %     

Employment (2003)

Share of cultural workers in total employment: 3.90 %     
Share of self-empoyed in cultural employment: N/A
Share of self-empoyed in total employment: N/A

Markets (2012)

CUPIX: Cultural goods: 74 %     
CUPIX: Public cultural services: 244 %     
Annual exp. per capita for recreation and culture: 2 216 USD (216 %     )


Cinema admissions per capita/year: N/A
Internet penetration rate: 82.1 % (2012)     

Ratification of Key Cultural Conventions

European Cultural Convention (1955): Observer status
European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (1992): Not applicable
European Convention for the Protection of the Audiovisual Heritage (2001): Not yet signed
UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005): Accepted on 28/11/2005

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