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Compendium Tables

Note: Funding tables have moved to the new  Statistics Section. Tables tracking developments in cultural policy over time have moved to the new section on Monitoring National Laws and Policies

Comparing Governance and Management Structures

  1. Gender Equality and Cultural Policies
    Gender Research / Public Measures / Special Committees
  2. Intercultural Dialogue: Actors in European States
  3. Intercultural Education: Administration and Main Goals
  4. International Cultural Cooperation: Organisation and Trends
    Ministries / Regional Bodies / Priorities
  5. Public Bodies Responsible for National Cultural Policies/Development
    Ministries / Arms Length Bodies / Expert Committees

Comparing Policies and Measures

  1. Selected Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue Policies in Different Sectors
  2. Challenges to Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue Policies
  3. Elements in European Constitutions related to Cultural Access and Participation
  4. Intercultural Dialogue: Examples of Policies and Programmes 2002-2010
  5. Laws and Policies Supporting Main National Minority Groups
    Statistics / Rights for Minority Groups / Targeted Cultural Policies
  6. Linguistic Diversity and Media Programming
    Legal Provisions / Recognised Languages / Radio-TV
  7. Measures to Support Book Markets in Europe
    VAT Rates / Fixed Book Price / Funding for Publishers
  8. Private Sector Sponsorship
    Laws / Public Schemes / Target Sectors
  9. Social Security Laws and Measures to Support Self-Employed Artists
    Tax Measures / Unemployment Assistance / Pension Supplements
  10. Special Income Tax Measures for Artists?
    Professional Expenses/ Income Averaging
  11. VAT Reductions on the Earnings of Self-Employed Artists?
    Standard VAT Rates / VAT Reductions for Authors and Visual Artists
  12. Comparing selected European minorities / ethnic groups
    Rights / parliamentary representation / responsibility / funding / own culture / language / education / Radio & TV / Press