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Bulgaria/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.1 Key documents on cultural policy

Institute of Culturology: Bulgarian Cultural Policy 1990-1995. Sofia, 1997. 

Markov, Emil; Kabakov, Ivan: Statutory Options of Financing Culture. Legal Report on the Culture Technological Park Project under the Policies for Culture Programme (in Bulgarian). 

Materials from a seminar on DecentralisationInvesting in the Culture of Regions. held in Bistritsa from January 18 to 20, 2001 under the Policies for Culture Programme (in Bulgarian). 

Ministry of Culture: Cultural Policy 1996-1999. Sofia, 2000 (in Bulgarian). 

National Statistical Institute: Statistical Yearbook 2000; Statistical Yearbook 2001; Statistical Yearbook 2002, Statistical Yearbook 2003, Statistical Yearbook 2004, Statistical Yearbook 2005. Sofia: National Statistical Institute, 2000 to 2006. 

Tomova, Bilyana: Financing of the Arts / Culture in Bulgaria: Between the State and the Market. Economic Report on the Culture Technological Park Project under the Policies for Culture Programme (in Bulgarian).

Arts, Politics and Change, ECF / Boekman Stichting - Amsterdam / Bulgarian.  Translation Изкуство, политика, промяна, ed. Sema-RS, Sofia 2005 

Creative Industries in the City of Plovdiv - an Economic perspective, British Council - Bulgaria (2006)

Ivan Tchalakov, Vladya Borisova, Donka Keskinova, Georgy Damyanov, Rossitza Arkova, Tsveta Andreeva, Jordan Kalchev, Todor Todorov: Economic Contribution of Copyright and related rights-based Industries to the Bulgarian Economy. With the methodological support of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Sofia 2007 (in Bulgarian. English version will be published by WIPO by the end of 2007). 

HEREIN - European Heritage Network NATIONAL HERITAGE POLICY. BULGARIAN REPORT, UPDATED 2007, (in English and in Bulgarian), up-dates by Uliana Maleeva , Hristina Staneva:  Sofia 2007. See also

Lidia Varbanova: Financing Cultural practices in South-East Europe. A cultural policy paper commissioned by Policies for Culture, 2003.
See also:

Bilyana Tomova Cultural Manager's profileor the Art of managing.
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Economics of Culture Observatory: Cultural heritage - economic aspects.
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National Fund Culture: Electronic Bulletin "Culture".
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