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Bulgaria/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.2 Arts in schools

In Bulgaria, special attention is paid to children who are gifted in the areas of science, art and sports. Once-off financial aid, in the amount of three times the national minimum wage, is granted to children who receive first, second or third place in competitions, Olympiads or contests, in the area of arts, science and sports, at municipality, national or international level. Incentives for gifted children are also granted in the form of monthly scholarships, in the amount equal to 50% of the minimum salary for the country. This grant may be applied for by a child, parent (guardian), school director or social worker. Candidates are evaluated by expert commissions, and the funds for this programme are provided by the budget of the interested ministries for the relevant calendar year. For 2005, the Ministry of Culture provided approximately 200 000 BGN for 151 scholarships to gifted children (106 musicians and 45 artists) and for 28 one-off grants (11 musicians and 17 artists). In 2006, 154 scholarships were provided.

Chapter published: 20-01-2011

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