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Bulgaria/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.2 Policies and programmes

There is no explicit policy or reference in government documents on culture linking participation in cultural life to the broader issues of civic participation, citizenship, civil society development / cohesion.

Special programmes or policy initiatives to promote participation in cultural life are implemented mainly by the Ministry of Culture through the national art centres. The latter subsidise cultural programmes and creative projects promoting participation in cultural life. The Ministry provides consistent, albeit limited financial support to educational concerts, festivals, competitions, and amateur arts. Some cultural institutions - theatres, opera houses, orchestras - offer discounts or free shows for pensioners, students, and children.

Since 2000, the National Book Centre has started granting active readers (pupils and students) book vouchers - in total worth BGN 10 000 (approximately USD 6 000) - twice a year, during the spring and autumn book fairs in Sofia. An individual active reader could receive 10-50 USD per year.

The programme of the National Book Centre, entitled "In aid of Libraries", was launched in 2004. Most of the 7 thousand libraries in Bulgaria had not purchased any books in the previous ten years because of the very limited state subsidy. The programme enables libraries to select the books they would like to acquire, but covers only half of the cost necessary for their purchase - the other half they should source themselves.

The Bulgarska Nacionalna Filmoteka (Bulgarian National Film Archive) 2009 report lists:

1. Acquisitions for 2009

In 2009 the Archive acquired 14 films on 35mm film - documentaries, animation and feature films - and 357 items on DVD and BETACAM. To the non-film holdings were added 14 books, 10 periodicals, 1 200 clippings, 15 posters, and 60 photos. So far, the non-film collection comprises 8 408 books, 2 663 volumes of periodicals, 134 423 clippings, 133 663 photos, and 27 211 posters.

2. Progress and problems in the field of preservation

125 films from the archival collection were transferred to DVD from 35 mm. 

3. Cataloguing, documentation and research

17 researchers saw 263 films from the archival collection on screen for educational and scientific purposes. The estimated number of digital catalogue entries at the moment is over 8 100 - 793 for feature films, 1 121 for animation, 2 314 chronicles and news reels, personal files, and over 2 500 documentaries and over 600 foreign films.

4. Film showings, exhibitions and publications (a short summary)

Bulgarska Nacionalna Filmoteka was co-organiser of the 13th International Sofia Film sFestival, The Festival of European Co-productions, the Bulgarian Non-Feature Film Festival "Golden Rhyton", and the 17th International Film Festival "Love Is Folly".

5. International relations (FIAF and others)

  • Panorama of Bulgarian Films in Japan;
  • "Yugoslovenska Kinoteka presents" - panorama of Serbian cinema in Sofia; and
  • Panorama Bulgarian films in Russia.

Collaboration with:

  • the Exhibition "Topography of Terror", Berlin;
  • Asterfest, Macedonia;
  • Art Film Fest, Bratislava;
  • Slovenska Kinoteka;
  • Joint project "Despite", Bulgarian Documentary on Cinema, with the USA Embassy, the Bulgarian Circle of Humanitarian Publishers and Starshel newspaper;
  • Five Brave FAMU-ers, together with the Czech Centre in Sofia;
  • The Czech Miracle and Vera Chitilova, with the Society for Bulgarian-Czech and Slovak Friendship;
  • Bulgarian-German co-productions, with the Goethe Institute;
  • World Day of Animation, with the French Institute Sofia a dn ASIFA, Bulgaria; and
  • Open Class, with SOFILM.

The Bulgarian Cinematheques organised various events to encourage initiatives aimed at young audiences, shown at the cinema Odeon

  • "Fairy tales for youngsters and adults";
  • "The Traditional Filmvalentines of Odeon";
  • Cooperation with the project of the Union of the Bulgarian Filmmakers "European values are our values - the cinema proves it";
  • 12 films - 6 Bulgarian and 6 European - were presented with live commentary before each screening by famous Bulgarian actors;
  • The Day of Francophonie;
  • The Bulgarian National Film Archive - co-organiser of the 9th International Sofia Film Fest. Most films are generally aimed and eagerly anticipated by a young audience - college and university students, scholars, and intellectuals. 38 titles from the programme of the Festival were presented in the cinema Odeon;
  • The Bulgarian Film Archive congratulates The National Fantasy and Horror Club - L'armata Brancaleone;
  • The Bulgarian National Film Archive cooperates with the X International Festival of European Co-productions, Sofia;
  • Celebration of 24 May - Day of the Slavonic Alphabet and Bulgarian Culture;
  • The Bulgarian National Film Archive congratulates the Bulgarian College Graduates; and
  • Panorama "The IIWW Vista of the French Cinema".
  • 6. Programming

Number of public screenings 2009: 508

Number of projected titles 2009: 392

Number of spectators 2009: 19 246

Chapter published: 20-01-2011

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