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Bulgaria/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.1 Overview of main structures and trends

In recent years, the Republic of Bulgaria's international cultural policy has been characterised by openness, dialogue, and emphasis on integration into international cultural structures and organisations. Bulgaria is open to European and world culture, and encourages the promotion of the top achievements of national culture abroad in various ways. The following are the main priorities of Bulgaria's international cultural policy:

  • enhancing the presence and active position of Bulgarian culture and building up a positive image of the state as a stable partner of international cultural policy and relations, by means of a successive policy of active, legally based cultural cooperation (at bilateral and multilateral level);
  • respect and recognition of the universal values of cultural diversity;
  • promotion of the achievements of the Bulgarian arts and culture abroad and introducing the diversity of other cultures in Bulgaria;
  • ensuring the participation of Bulgarian creators in international artistic exchange and art markets, thus enhancing the free movement of artists, cultural values and cultural goods and services; and
  • approval of the role of culture and its mission as a means for conflict prevention and surmounting crisis situations etc.

For more information see the official web site of the Ministry of Culture

Up to January 1st 2007 Bulgarian international cultural policy has been focused on improving the legal framework and active preparation to for full participation in the cultural matters at the EU level. Since 2007, as an EU member, Bulgaria has been playing an important role in mainstream political and cultural initiatives of the governments of the SEE countries.

Chapter published: 20-01-2011

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