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Belgium/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.1 Overview of strategies, programmes and direct or indirect forms of support

On the federal level, there are specific regulations concerning social security for artists (see chapter 5.1.4). For an overview of measures to stimulate the creativity of individual artists, see chapter 8.1.3.

French-speaking Community of Belgium

The French-speaking Community of Belgium bases the way that the management of the cultural policies is organised on drawing a distinction between creation, creativity and participation.

Creation is taken to mean on the one hand the various types of art which have earned a recognised status in the field, and on the other, the works produced by professional artists or those whose competence is recognised.

Creativity is taken to mean the various forms of expression, most often artistic, but also other forms of expression which contribute to the realisation of individual or collective potential. Activities covered by creativity may be guided by professional artists. The field of amateur artistic practice may likewise be considered as a dimension of creativity.

Participation is taken to mean not just participating in artistic works as a spectator, reader or listener, but above all, an active involvement in cultural, artistic or citizen practices which promote individual and collective expression.

The aspects of creation are basically handled by the general Artistic Creation unit, bringing together performing arts and plastic arts, and by the general Letters and Books unit. Creativity and participation are mainly supported by the general Cultural Participation unit, which covers the youth, continuing education, amateur artistic practices and creativity, and training sectors.

Chapter published: 02-12-2014

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