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Each euro of funding for organisations under the Arts Decree in Flanders stimulates a further 1½ euro from other sources.

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Belgium/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.3 Trends and indicators for private cultural financing

Flemish Community

Under the common denominator of "", the various support agencies for the arts, together with the Agency for Arts and Heritage, have developed a data set that contains key figures concerning the organisations that were subsidised during the first four-year term of the Arts Decree (2006-2009). In 2011 a research report examined the revenue of structurally subsidised arts organisations in 2007 and 2008. In those years the structural subsidies (of approx. 250 arts organisations) ranged from 86 to 89 million EUR while the total revenue was 220 to 229 million EUR. The structural subsidy acts as a driving force: for both seasons included in the survey, the fact is that for each EUR subsidised under the Arts Decree, the organisations receive half a EUR from different types of subsidies and one EUR from other revenue. The Flemish subsidy convinces other governments in the decision to co-subsidise organisations (20% of income). Thanks to the Flemish subsidy these organisations are able to generate a substantial amount of extra income through economic operations (40% of income).

French-speaking Community of Belgium

The French-speaking Community of Belgium subsidises the association ‘Prométhéa’, whose objective is to create an interface between culture and the economy, mainly via sponsorship. This association also liaises with the public authorities on all questions relating to the development of patronage and private sponsorship.

‘Prométhéa’ circulates information on opportunities for partnerships between representatives from the economic sector and those in the cultural sector. It offers an advisory service and runs the ‘Caius’ competition, a prize for cultural patronage which is awarded to businesses which make a distinguished contribution to cultural and heritage development.

The French-speaking Community of Belgium also supports participative funding initiatives deployed in the cultural arena and designed to add value to creative and innovative projects. For example a European participative funding show was staged in Brussels in 2013, without overlooking the questions raised by these new ways of funding cultural projects (Europe Refresh). This type of initiative seeks not only to deliver financial support for cultural projects, but also to create synergies between different cultural players by pooling them in order to develop shared projects.

The French-speaking Community of Belgium and the Walloon Region have set up the St’Art investment fund, worth 16 million euro, which aims to support the development of the creative economy. St’Art is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, including non-profits. The fund helps with the creation of enterprises or the further development of existing structures. It offers loans and holdings. The aim is to generate a leverage effect on banks and private investors. St’Art works hand in hand with the public bodies and the regional investment funds. It was created in 2009, and had already supported 650 (future) enterprises by 2012.

Chapter published: 02-12-2014

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