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Belgium/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.4 Literature and libraries

Flemish Community


  • The Arts Decree - Decree Concerning the Subsidising of Arts Organisations, Artists, Arts Education and Socio-artistic Organisations, International Initiatives, Publications and Support Centres (2 April 2004, amended in early summer 2008); and
  • The Cultural Heritage Decree (23 May 2008).

All other regulations emanate from the Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren [Flemish Literature Fund] (established by Decree of 30 March 1999, changed on 29 July 2004):

There are also regulations covering the subsidies on the production of literary publications and magazines, for literary readings and performances, work grants for authors, project grants and subsidies for translators.


  • Local Cultural Policy Decree: Decree Concerning the Stimulation of a Qualitative and Integral Local Cultural Policy (2001, 2007); and
  • public lending rights: Copyright Act (2004).

French-speaking Community of Belgium

  • Decree of 5 July 1985 of the French Community Executive creating a Literary Commission of the French Community and decree of 19 May 1989 (amendments).
  • Decree of 4 April 1988 of the French Community Executive laying down the models of aid for publishing in the French Community.
  • Decree of 28 mars 1990 of the French Community Executive creating of the Book Council of the Wallonia-Brussels French Community.
  • Decree of 23 October 1991 of the French Community Executive laying down the modalities of aid for dissemination in the French Community.
  • Edict of 28 February 1978 organising the public reading service; edicts of 21 October 1988, of 19 July 1991 and of 30 November 1992 (amendments).
  • Decree of 14 March 1995 of the French Community Government in respect the organisation of the public reading service; decrees of 2 September 1997 and of 8 November 1999 (amendments).

German-speaking Community

  • 15.06.1994 – Public Libraries Decree.

Chapter published: 02-12-2014

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