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Belgium/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

Flemish Community

  • The Cultural Heritage Decree (23 May 2008) which brings together the former Archive Decree (19/7/2002), the Heritage Decree (7/05/2004), and the Decree of Popular Culture (27/10/1998). For more information see chapter 5.2; and
  • Decree Concerning the Protection of Moveable Cultural Heritage of Exceptional Importance (24 January 2003).

French-speaking Community of Belgium

  • Edict of 5 July 1985 instituting the Heraldic and Vexillogical Council of the French Community of Belgium and laying down the flag, seal and coat of arms of the towns and municipalities and Decrees of 8 August 1988 and of 26 February 1991;
  • Edict of 26 May 1981 instituting the Superior Council of Popular Art and Tradition and of Folklore.
  • Decree of 26 June 1990 of the French Community Executive instituting the Superior Council of Ethnology of the French Community.
  • Edict of 12 May 200o over the private archive centres in the French Community
  • Decree of 11 July 2002 on movable cultural property and non-movable heritage of the French-speaking Community of Belgium.
  • Decree of 17 July 2004 on the recognition of and granting of subsidies to museums and other museum institutions.
  • Decree of 3 May 2012 bringing in free entry to museums on the first Sunday in the month.

German-speaking Community

  • 29.03.1982 – Regulatory Order to Lay down the Provisions for the Award of Grants in Favour of Museums not Subject to State Control;
  • 23.03.1992 – Decree on the Award of Grants for Costs of Staff for Recognised Museums, Creative Workshops, Regional Organisations for Continuing and Adult Education and Youth Organisations, Youth Centres and Youth Services;
  • 14.03.1994 – Decree on the Royal Monuments and Countryside Protection Commission of the German-speaking Community; and
  • 16.02.1998 – Decree on the Recognition of and Award of Grants to Associations and Clubs Involved in Folklore Activities.

Chapter published: 02-12-2014

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