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Belgium/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music

Flemish Community

  • The Arts Decree - Decree Concerning the Subsidising of Arts Organisations, Artists, Arts Education and Socio-artistic Organisations, International Initiatives, Publications and Support Centres (2 April 2004, amended in early summer 2008).`
  • Circus Decree - Decree Concerning the Support for Circus Arts in Flanders (November 2008)

French-speaking Community of Belgium

  • Decree of 13 July 1994 on theatre for children and young people.
  • Framework edict of 10 April 2003 in respect of the recognition and subsidising of the Professional Sectors of the Performing Arts (and implementing decrees).

German-speaking Community

  • 28.06.1988 Decree Governing the Recognition of and Grants for Amateur Art;
  • 18.04.1995 – Decree setting down the Grant Provisions for the Procurement of Items of Equipment by Associations and Clubs for Practising Amateur Art Activities; and
  • 25.05.1999 – Decree Governing the Recognition of and Grants for Chamber Music Ensembles.

Chapter published: 02-12-2014

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