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Azerbaijan/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.4 Higher arts education and professional training

The Baku Academy of Music, the Azerbaijan National Conservatoire, the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, and the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art offer third-level courses in culture and the arts. Some universities also run courses for students intending to work in cultural institutions. Composers, musicologists, choir-leaders, classical and folk instrumentalists, and singers receive their training at the Baku Academy of Music, whose graduates have won international recognition, both as teachers and performers. The State University of Culture and the Arts runs courses in the following fields: theatre, cinema and TV (directing, acting, scriptwriting, camera operating, etc.), choreography, museum management, monument conservation, cultural management, performing arts, decorative and applied arts (carpet design, industrial graphics, commercial art, fashion design, interior design, etc.). The Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts offers courses on painting, graphics, sculpture, architecture, decorative and applied arts, theatre design, the history and theory of the performing arts, interior design, carpet design, advertising and model-making. Architects are trained at the College of Architecture and Building Techniques.

The Baku Choreography Academy, the country's only training school for ballet and folk dancers, was established at 30 April 2014 on the basis of the Baku Choreographic School. The Academy provides general education (primary, general secondary and complete secondary education), secondary specialization and higher education (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) educational programme and relevant directions of the additional education (training, re-training, internship and improvement of staff, repeated higher education and secondary specialization education, upgrading) in art of choreographer, ballet pedagogy, ballet artist, ballet history and other specializations.

The Baku State University offers the only graduate course for librarians and bibliographers. Some institutions of higher education have arts departments that train music, history of music, performing arts, piano and folk instrument teachers. Arts departments at some universities have commercial status, e.g. Western University (design, decorative and applied art) and "Khazar" University (design). Some of the above courses are fee-paying, others not. Students who achieve good results qualify for scholarships. Courses last between 4-6 years, depending on the level (bachelors, masters and PhD), in accordance with the Bologna process.

Training and professional development courses for cultural workers have been functioning since 1966. These help people working within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism system (directors of municipal cultural centres, theatre and concert hall managers and staff, librarians, and staff of museums, children's music and art schools, adult art schools, cultural associations and centres, picture galleries, etc.) to improve their skills. The number of students, and the range of categories from which they come, are increasing yearly.

Chapter published: 02-11-2016

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