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Azerbaijan/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.1 Cultural infrastructure: tendencies & strategies

The rise in entertainment businesses, the culture industries and cultural tourism has inevitably attracted the attention of private business. The number of private galleries, museums, antique shops and shops for national souvenirs and crafts is growing. Design agencies, the book market, and printing houses are developing.

The culture industries such as book-publishing, the press, audiovisual and phonogram production, entertainment industries and new technologies are undergoing rapid development. Indeed, there is a totally new independent business sector developing in Azerbaijan, which is not yet considered in the overall national cultural policy.

According to the "Culture Concept of the Republic of Azerbaijan", the "Law on Culture" and the draft of "The State Programme for Safeguarding Azerbaijan's Intangible Cultural Heritage", intangible cultural heritage and peoples creativity are now "optimising" by turning the wide network of city (district) houses of culture and clubs, into a network of city (town) centres of culture and their local-lore, folklore, craftsmanship and similar branches.

In total, state cultural policy in the field of cultural infrastructure prescribes modernisation of the material and technical bases with construction of specialised buildings and rehabilitation of cultural institutions; equipping cultural enterprises with modern engineering and information communication technologies; providing cultural institutions with stage costumes, musical instruments, etc.

Chapter published: 02-11-2016

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