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Azerbaijan/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.6 Labour laws

Employment in the cultural field is regulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1995), the Labour Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (February 1999), the Law on Employment of the Republic of Azerbaijan (July 2001), and the Law on Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (April 1998). A unified system of salaries is in place for those working in the different spheres of the public sector. Relationships between employers and workers are based on a contract system, (which are usually concluded on a permanent or short term basis). The collective contract is signed between the employer on the one side and the trade union on the other. In the event of the trade union's absence, the working collective signs the contract. The trade union, working collective, employer, corresponding executive and representative body of employers can initiate signing the contract. The negotiating, related to the contract signing, can be promoted by the trade union, or in the event of its absence, the working collective can establish a commission for that purpose. Employment of state employees, at all levels, is regulated by the Law on State Service (September, 2001). See also  chapter 5.1.4.

See also comparative information provided in the Compendium "Themes!" section under "Status of Artists".

Chapter published: 02-11-2016

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