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Azerbaijan/ 3. Competence, decision-making and administration  

3.3 Inter-ministerial or intergovernmental co-operation

Taking into account that there are many areas where joint efforts of two or more institutions are required, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism cooperates closely within the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan with other ministries, state committees and relevant executive bodies, while drafting and putting into practice the national cultural and tourism policy – see Table 1 below.

Table 1:    Intergovernmental co-operation by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Field of activity

Cooperation with

General administration

Administration of the President
Cabinet of Ministers
Local executive authorities

Legislation on culture

Milli Medjlis (Parliament)
Ministry of Justice

Copyright issues

Republican Authors' Rights Agency

Funding for culture

Ministry of Finance

Taxes for culture

Ministry of Taxes

Education, training and research in culture

Ministry of Education
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Infrastructure provision, information-communication technologies

Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Communications and High Technologies
State Committee on Property ─░ssues
State Urban planning and Architecture Committee

Social welfare

Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Population
Ministry of Health

Human resources

Ministry of Youth and Sport
State Committee on Family, Women and Children's Issues
State Examination Center

Civil society

Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organisations under the President

Cultural minorities

State Committee on Work with Religious Organisations

Parks and landscape planning

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources


State Statistical Committee

International cooperation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
State Committee on Work with Diaspora

Security and Armenian aggression consequences

State Security Service
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Defence
State Committee on Refugees and IDPs Affaires
Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman)

Source:    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2016.

In a number of cases, the President, or the Cabinet of Ministers, sets up specific organising committees and working groups, including representatives from the respective levels of government, to facilitate inter-ministerial cooperation and realise long-term state programmes or concrete projects. Examples of the work they carry out are concepts on the economy, science, education, culture, health, transport, "State Programme on Socio-economic Development of the Regions for 2014-2018", etc.

Governmental commissions can also be established in order to prepare national reports for international organisations e.g. the Second Periodical Report of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the "International pact on economic, social and cultural rights", which was prepared by a Governmental Commission, with the participation of high-level representatives of foreign, internal, justice, health, culture and tourism, education ministries and other relevant state bodies.

Chapter published: 27-10-2016

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