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Austria/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.2 Policies and programmes

The "Long Night of Museums" event was created in 2000, as an initiative of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting) and has been very successful in increasing the number of museum visits. In 2014, there were 421 424 visitors in 731 museums, galleries and cultural institutions. Since 2000, a total of almost 5 million people have visited the Long Nights of the Museums. Only one ticket is needed and there are buses to transfer the visitors from museum to museum. Museums in Switzerland have been joining this event since 2014.

Similarly successful is the Long Night of Music, also initiated by the ORF in 2001.

The Long Night of Research, implemented by the Federal Ministries of Science, Research and Economy and for Transport, Innovation and Technology and supported by the Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs takes place since 2005, where Austrian scientists and researcher present their activities to the public.

Since 2009, the Long Night of Languages facilitateseducational and cultural institutes, as well as associations from several provinces, to offer introductory courses, workshops, readings and music for youth and adults.

A particularly significant measure for the promotion of access to art and culture is the free admission to all federal museums for people up to the age of 19. These measures led to a rise in visitors of 15% in this age group since 2010.

The initiative "Hunger for Art and Culture", which includes more than 450 art and cultural institutions (see chapter 4.2.8), is an important tool in promoting participation in culture, in particular the socially more disadvantaged sections of society.

Chapter published: 02-02-2016

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