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Austria/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

The Federal Museums Act of 1998 grants full legal capacity to the federal museums (Albertina, Kunsthistorisches Museum (with Museum fürVölkerkunde and Theatermuseum), Belvedere, MAK - Museum fürangewandteKunst, Museum modernerKunstStiftung Ludwig Wien (MUMOK), Naturhistorisches Museum, Technisches Museum Wien (with Mediathek) und ÖsterreichischeNationalbibliothek) and has transformed them into scientific institutions under public law – an important step towards more autonomy. The federal museums are still under the authority of the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery and receive annual subsidies from the Ministry. The rest of the budget must be financed by the museums themselves (see also chapter 4.2.2).

According to the Federal Arts Promotion Act, selected federal, provincial and municipal museums can receive an annual supplement in order to acquire art from the holdings of Austrian galleries. In addition, support is granted for the participation of Austrian artists (galleries) at international arts festivals.

The Monument Preservation Actallows the federal monument office (under the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery) to issue decrees provisionally placing monuments owned by public bodies under monument preservation. These monuments are to be registered in a list of monuments ( The law also regulates the export of cultural properties in line with EU legislation.

Chapter published: 02-02-2016

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