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Armenia/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.4 Higher arts education and professional training

Seven of 91 institutions of higher education (both state and private) specialise in the arts. Four arts institutes of higher education in Yerevan (the State Institute of Cinematography and Theatre, Yerevan National Conservatory, Yerevan Art Academy, Yerevan Pedagogical University) had 931 entries on state scholarships. In 2005-2006, the number of post-graduate students with an arts specialism was 41, which comprises 2.6% of the total number (1 528).

In May 2005, Armenia joined the Bologna process, which has resulted in some changes to educational programmes and curricula. In May 2007, following a monitoring process, a positive evaluation was given to Armenia's activities in this field. Since September 2007, all Armenian institutes of higher education, including the arts sector, changed to a credit transfer system. In some institutes of higher education, the list of specialties was revised to bring it into line with the demands of the European market. There are mandatory alternative programmes in the cultural institutes and penetration of new technologies into educational programmes can be observed. In particular, a course on computer art design has been introduced in the Yerevan Art Institute.

Chapter published: 22-05-2015

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