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Armenia/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.3 Trends and indicators for private cultural financing

The volume of private funding of culture in Armenia has significantly increased within the last decade. Though it is not possible to list all players in the field, some major companies and foundations are notable:

AGBU (the Armenian General Benevolent Union) sponsors cultural programmes in Armenia and the Diaspora in the sphere of dance, music, and theatre. It has a number of cultural committees covering different spheres.

Cafesjian Family Foundation operates in Armenia through the Cafesjian Centre for the Arts and implements various cultural and art development programmes, including exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Viva-Cell-MTS, one of the most successful private communication companies in Armenia, which is very active in supporting various social and cultural programmes on arts, education, cultural heritage, etc. In 2010, its funding of cultural events and developments amounted to about 1.86 billion AMD. "Orange", another private mobile and Internet company that launched its activities in Armenia in 2009, is also actively involved in cultural projects such as sponsoring cultural and educational events, literary competitions, etc.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation supports a number of media projects and projects on Armenia-Turkey cross-border cooperation that also includes cultural initiatives.

Information on the exact financial contributions of the private sector in the field of culture is not available yet.

Chapter published: 22-05-2015

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