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Armenia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

The Law on Preservation and Utilisation of Immovable Monuments of History and Culture and of the Historic Environment (adopted on the 11 November 1998) determines the concept of monuments of history and culture, objects of preservation and utilisation of monuments, subjects, classification of monuments, powers of the state and local self-government bodies in the sphere of preservation and utilisation of monuments and the procedure on the state registration of monuments. It also ensures preservation of monuments and the historic environment and supports the study of monuments and archaeological digs. The Law determines the repair and restoration of monuments, ownership of monuments, utilisation of monuments, financing of monument preservation and utilisation, and responsibility in the sphere of monuments preservation and utilisation.

The Law on Immovable Monuments of History and Culture Considered State Ownership of RA and Not Subject to Alienation (adopted on the 11 April 2003) regulates the types of immovable monuments of history and culture considered to be in state ownership, as well as determines the forms of use of these monuments and the areas they occupy. On this basis, the Government Decree approved The List of Immovable Monuments Considered as State Ownership and Not Subject to Alienation.

The Regulations on the State Registration, Study, Protection, Mounting, Repair, Restoration, Utilisation of Immovable Monuments of History and Culture, and Transportation of Immovable Monuments of History and Culture regulate the cultural heritage sector.

The Law on Archives Activity (adopted on 08 June 2004) regulates legal relations concerning the stocking, registration, preservation, and use of the archives collection and other archival documents (despite the right of ownership), as well as relating to the archives sector. This sector is regulated also by the Government Decrees on Exemplary List of Archival Documents with Preservation Dates (N351-N of 9 March 2006) and the Procedure of Financing of Preservation of the Republic of Armenia Archives Collection (N33-N of 17 February 2005).

The Law on Export and Import of Cultural Values regulates the processes of export and import of cultural items, determining precisely the conditions and order of exporting cultural items that are considered personal and state property. This field is regulated by the Government Decrees on Procedure of Registration on a Voluntary Basis of Non-State Cultural Values Included in the Protective List of Cultural Values and Criteria Setting (N631-N of 19 May 2005), Approval of Expertise Licensing Procedure of Movable Cultural Values and the License Type (21 July 2005 N1115-N), and Establishment of the List of Especially Valuable Cultural Values Considered to be the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Armenia (13 October 2005 N1643-N).

The Law on Intangible Cultural Heritage regulates legal issues related to the preservation, protection and development of intangible cultural values which includes their identification, documentation, study, application, rehabilitation, and dissemination processes, as well as copyright, international cooperation and communication issues and procedures. The Law also provides a definition of the intangible cultural heritage and counts spheres circumscribed in this notion. The Law was accepted on 07 October 2009.

Pending legislative acts

The draft Law on Museums and Museum Collections of RA, regulating issues of museum management, rehabilitation, preservation, study, completion and use of museum collections as well as copy right, international cooperation, exchange and communication issues and procedures was submitted to the National Assembly for discussion and further development in 2007. Since, it has been undergoing the development and refinement process and likely to be put on the Parliament's schedule in the nearest future.

Chapter published: 22-05-2015

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