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Armenia/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

The Law on the Principles of Cultural Legislation, adopted in 2002, defines the main principles of the state cultural policy:

  • secure and protect the constitutional right of RA citizens to participate in the cultural life of society;
  • provide cooperation among cultural entities;
  • develop the objectives and the legal basis for the state policies supporting cultural spheres; and
  • provide a legal framework for preservation, presentation and development of the RA cultural values.

According to the Law on the Principles of Cultural Legislation, the main objectives of the state cultural policy are:

  • making society realise that culture is a means of development;
  • seeking new values and ideas;
  • creating conditions for the recreation and development of society's creative potential; and
  • developing a civil society.

At present, the cultural policy of the Republic of Armenia is guided by the following principles:

  • the state, public and democratic character of management in t
  • he field of culture;
  • the freedom of cultural and creative activities;
  • the possibility to encounter cultural values;
  • preference towards the national cultural values of international significance; and
  • the self-dependence of cultural organisations.

Chapter published: 22-05-2015

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