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Albania/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.5 Basic out-of-school arts and cultural education

Multi-arts centres used to offer art classes until 1991. This good practice is gone now, along with the equally good tradition of amateur arts ensembles among working collectives and schools of all levels. Since the fall of Communism, the government no longer supports amateur arts organisations, except for occasional (and very rare) individual projects.

Since the 2000's however, some parents, depending on their social and economic status, occasionally pay for private lessons for their children, especially in music instruments. In collaboration with the state television TVSH, a former theatre actor and TV director has established an acting school for elementary school pupils. Their shows go on air via TVSH.

The "Star Academy" and "The Little Genius" are two season shows of the national private TV Klan, in which amateurs competing for the awards of best singer, musician, dancer and actor, are offered classes by professionals.

The only institution that offers continuous training in the arts is Robert Radoja Academy of Arts, located in Tirana.

Chapter published: 18-01-2011

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