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Albania/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.1 Overview of strategies, programmes and direct or indirect forms of support

There have never been any strategies for support to artists or creative workers. The first programme providing direct support to young artists was launched in 2004. The Young Directors' Festival is a financing scheme that supports the production of six plays by theatre directors under 35 years of age and a showcase, with the intention of awarding prizes for the best director, best performance and best male and female actor.

Another fund launched in 2008, the Young Artists Fund, provides incentives to national institutions hiring unemployed artists on a contractual basis and for specific projects lasting up to two years.

In October 2010 the government directly financed the programme "City of Arts", managed by the Academy of Arts, providing support for a total of 30 arts projects directed by professors and students of the Academy.

Chapter published: 18-01-2011

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