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Albania/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.7 Intercultural dialogue: actors, strategies, programmes

Intercultural dialogue is not yet an issue of cultural policies in Albania. The Central Government, the Ministry of Culture or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not have intercultural dialogue identified as part of their agendas.

The main actor in this field used to be the Open Society Institute for Albania - Soros Foundation, which was due to close down its activities at the end of 2006. Founded in 1992, the Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA) has now entered a new phase in its development. It is not more a programme-based and grant-giving foundation but worked out a new plan of action to contribute to the democratisation and further integration of the country with the EU. In this framework the grant-giving Art & Culture Programme which operated from 1993-2004 is now closed. OSFA interacts with the Network of Open Society for Albania (NOSA) representing the membership of eight non profit organisations and provides a part of the funding for their activity. The only programme of the Foundation which is expected to continue is the Roma Programme, dedicated to civil and social integration of Roma communities in Albania.

Other NGOs, like the so-called "Friendship" Associations, aimed at fostering bi-lateral relations, do not really focus on intercultural dialogue. Their primary target remains the promotion of cultural and social values of a given country in Albania e.g. French values promoted via the Albanian-French Friendship Association.

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