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Hot Topic & Poll: The Financial Crisis and its Effects on Public Arts Funding
by Andreas Joh. Wiesand

Is it pure coincidence that, 5 years after the General Assembly of UNESCO adopted its Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, one of the cornerstones of this document is already put into question by many of the signatory states?

I'm referring to their "sovereign right to formulate and implement cultural policies" that include, in particular, "measures aimed at providing public financial assistance" and "establishing and supporting public institutions" (Art. 5 and 6).

To defend this principle - or "exception culturelle" - against the World Trade Organization (WTO) and others who insist on a pure free-market system without any financial action or interference on the part of public authorities, may indeed become redundant if it is not invigorated by corresponding practice. Recent severe cuts affecting cultural budgets in a number of European countries seem to point in that direction.

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Open Compendium initiative bears fruit 

Decisive steps towards the launch of a global Internet information system on cultural policies and trends based on the Council of Europe/ERICarts Compendium experience were taken September 5 at a preparatory meeting of different stakeholders in Brussels. Read more on the websites of IFACCA and the ERICarts Institute.


Country profile structure to be updated 

Following the annual Compendium Meeting in Zurich (April 2010) and additional consultations with the national authors and experts, the Compendium editors decided to give the country profiles a new structure. It will come into effect with the launch of the 12th Compendium edition, early 2011.

 Cultural Policy Actor in Focus! 

Kimmo AulakeKimmo Aulake is currently Special Government Advisor and Deputy Head of Cultural Exports and Exchange Unit at the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.

He has worked professionally in the field of cultural policy for 20 years. more


 Cultural Rights & Ethics      

Latest Online Poll Results regarding the concept of "cultural rights"


New articles were added to this section, including:


ECRI: Racist violence is growing in Europe

Habermas: The Concept of Human Dignity and the Realistic Utopia of Human Rights 

Controversial Ban of a Theatre Play in Malta


Linguistic Diversity   

The Compendium editors are developing an online tool to allow users to access country profiles not only in English but also in the original language version.

This tool should be available after the launch of the new Compendium edition. At first, it will consist of 10 country profiles (with more to come in future editions)

Recently updated: Cultural Policy Profile of Romania ! Selected highlights


Chapter 22: 2010 saw the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, by separating the two fields from religious affairs.

Chapter 23: In May 2010 a new interministerial committee on urban planning, architecture and construction was established.


Chapter 1: Strategic Plan for the Years 2009-2013 of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage sets out public policy in this sector.   

Chapter 241: Romanian cultural diplomacy for 2010 focuses on Russia, China, Caucasus, Western Balkans, Japan, South Korea, India, and Brazil.   

Chapter 426: A number of reports and measures to support the culture industries have been produced recently.  

Chapter 428: INFOCARTE is the first online catalogue for the publishing market in Romania released in March 2010.


Chapter 821: Attendance at cultural activities in Romania has declined by up to 20% since the second half of 2008. 


Upcoming Compendium Conference in Ghent, June 2011

SAVE THE DATE: At the invitation of the Forum voor Amateurkunsten and the AMATEO Network, and with the support of the Culture Department of the Flemish Government, the next annual meeting of Compendium authors and experts will be held on June 8 - 10, 2011 at the University of Ghent.

It will be combined with a Research Conference on topical problems of cultural participation. The latter will include a number of Compendium-related themes, inter alia:

  • The latest research facts and figures on cultural participation in Europe;
  • A Round Table debating policies and structures supporting an active cultural participation;
  • Intercultural participation and artistic practices of minorities;
  • How to enhance the participation of the older generations? 

The Conference is open to the public; contributions are invited, please contact the editors

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